~ Either World ~
Either World revolves around the story of a normal guy named Skore and finding himself in the middle of a situation threatening everything he has ever known. (Hard to write this without revealing any future plot points). The first chapter gives a sufficient synopsis to the story with many reveals and suprises.
Either World is a story idea that originated from a game concept between Kia and Zumi in 2007. The entire layout of the story and worlds were created but production didn't start due to Zumi starting college and then university. During this time it was discussed about converting the concept into manga form.
The main purpose for starting creation on Either World was as practice for Aftermath (Also viewable on this site). Production of which was halted for various reasons and thus remains on hiatus at the time of this writing.
Unlike the original Aftermath pages however Either World was created using "Manga Studio EX 4" which is a very useful program that Kia and myself would reccomend to anyone wanting to create manga or comics or art in general.