~ History Of The Site ~
Kia-tk.com was designed by Mandy Booth (Kia-tk) and coded by Dean Barrett (Zumigal). The site was originally designed to host artwork and an array of comics we had scripted to work on, the first site design worked for this purpose however when we decided to work on 2 and disregard the others, the site design became a little outdated.
We redesigned the site to better suit the two comics yet still host kia's artwork in a better way that is easier on the viewer. We abolished the popup menu and opted for the use of "Iframes" which allowed us to change the artwork without changing the art page, significantly reducing the webspace taken and increasing the ease of browsing.
Since we have began working of Aftermath full time we have improved a lot in terms of quality and production speed. When Aftermath Volume 1 is completed we will have it available for purchase in greater quality than hosted on the site, with extras and no watermark.
Creation on this site first officially began on the 2nd August 2008 with the index pages skeletal completion.
This site is best viewed in 1024 by 768 pixels using Firefox with default text size.
This site is hosted on Xepher.net since 8th september 2008
This site was redesigned and implimented on ------