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Commissions - Please mail me about commissions at
Character sketch: £3.50
+ Extra character: £1.75
+ Colour with Shading: £5.00
+ Background (complex): £3.00 - £10.00
+ Background (simple): £2.00
+ Background (pattern): £1.00
Emote: £1.00
+ For every new separate emote (emote pack): £0.50
+ Objects and such: £1.00 - £5.00
+ Animation: £3.00 - £10.00
Avatar: £4.00
+ Animation: £1.00 - £10.00
The difference from a complex, simple and patterned background
~A complex background would be something like a cityscape or a detailed forest, these are just examples. the range is their depending what you ask for, if you are unsure at the price in that range I gave we can discuss it.
~A simple background would be something like the night sky or the like. basically its not a pattern and too plainish for a complex background.
~A patterned background is pretty self-explanatory. It’s normally used to take away from a blank background. but if you want a blank coloured background instead that’s fine as that’s free :3 ... Emote pack?
~If you want a set of different emotes (happy, sad, etc) of the same style, I put it as an add on so you don’t have to pay for each individual one at full price.
~I will not draw pr0n or nudity.
~I will not draw offensive material, eg. racism, etc.
~I will give discounts if i feel I'm asking too much. :P
~We orginially had the dollar prices up but as conversion rates change we had to drop the idea. However for conveniance we have a link to conversion rates below.
~Payment methods and conversion rates:
~Paypal, I currently don’t have my own but someone else lets me use there’s until I can. If you have another payment method in mind please ask me and I’ll see what I can do.
~Because this is originally done in English pounds the conversion calculations have and will be done at this address: [link] if you think they don’t add up please mail me.