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What does KTK stand for?
Kia Teekay. Also known as Kia-tk. Also known as Kia.
If i commission you, will my work be published in your commission section?
Not without your permission.
What happened to the other comics?
They exist, but they are to be discontinued until further notice. No story truly dies, however we decided to focus on 9-lives and aftermath, so the others are sealed in time for now.
Why make Aftermath available for viewing online when you plan for it to be a published manga?
We always had planned aftermath to be a published manga, however we also wanted feedback on it and to gather some interest into the manga. We figured we would continue posting them online with the watermark and publish it without and with extras.
What does Huntre do?!
I find myself asking that question every day of my life
Why change the site design?
Many reasons, For asthetics, ease of updating and most of all, to remove the annoying pop up art section. Also kia wasn't happy with how "Cute" the site looked.
Why not merge DFD and KTK?
Its complicated. KTK is the publishings of Kia. DFD is a group project of Zumi's. Its pointless to merge as both names get mentioned and both parties wish to preserve the heritage the name brings.